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Mattress exchange offer 2020

Sleepwell EXCHANGE Offer
(Valid on Sleepwell SPINETECH ,REVITAL 2.0., ACTIVA and ULTRA only)



Sleepwell Revital mattress is manufacture using single block PU Foam which provides excellent resilience and bounce.
It reduces the pressure points on the body and stays cool with its special cellular structure.
High Resilience core for Optimal Support & Bounce.
Premium Fabric with Quiltec Foam.
Health & Hygiene inspired by Health and Science.

Type : Foam Based

Thickness : 5 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch

Price : Starts at Rs. 22426.00 for a standard Double Bed size (6'x6')

Warranty : 7 Years (Pro Rata basis)

Get Rs. 3700 Exchange Value For Your Old Mattress if you buy 6x6



Ortho mattress with AERO FIRM (Air circulation) Foam, Bonded Foam Layer, HR Foam Layer and Memory Foam.

Type : Foam Based

Thickness : 6 inch,8 inch and 10 inch

Price : Starts at Rs. 34926.00 for a standard Double Bed size (6'x6')

Warranty : 5 Years (Pro Rata basis)

Get Rs. 5800 Exchange Value For Your Old Mattress of 6x6

Exchange your old mattress in 3 simple steps

  • Exchange any old mattress and buy a new SPINETCH / REVITAL 2.0 mattress
  • Every Sleepwell mattress carries a unique code, which we will sms to Sleepwell along with your mobile no.
  • You will receive an instant SMS informing your winning. It will mention the exchange amount received, ie Rs. 5800 if your mattress is 6x6 and a possible Bumper Prize.

  • Let's understand the process with an example.

    1. Suppose you buy Sleepwell SPINETECH King Size (6.5' x 6'). The unique code of this mattress is ABCDXXX and the price of the mattress is Rs. 37826.00.

    2. As a standard procedure, lets say that we are offering you a discount of Rs. 3782.00. This means your payble without exchange is Rs. 34044.00

    3. Now when you opt for Sleepwell Exchange Offer, >we SMS ABCDXXX to Sleepwell along with YOUR mobile number.

    4. Within a few seconds, You will receive an SMS from Sheela Foam (Sleepwell), informing you about your Cashback / Reward. Depending on the size you purchase, you stand to get upto Rs 5800

    5. So now, your bill will be generated with Amount Payble as Rs. 32026.00 (37826-5800 = 32026.00).
    Along with this, you stand a chance to win our BUMPER Cash Back prize which could be upto 100%

    6. Our carrier will bring the mattress to your home and take away the old mattress.

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