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Mattress exchange offer 2020

Sleepwell EXCHANGE Offer
(Valid on only 2 models, Sleepwell SPINETECH and Sleepwell REVITAL 2.0.)

Exchange your old mattress in 3 simple steps

  • Exchange any old mattress and buy a new SPINETCH / REVITAL 2.0 mattress
  • Every Sleepwell mattress carries a unique code, which we will sms to Sleepwell along with your mobile no.
  • You will receive an instant SMS informing your winning. It would be and exchange benefit of upto Rs. 5800 and a possible CASH BACK.

  • Let's understand the process with an example.

    1. Suppose you buy Sleepwell SPINETECH King Size (6.5' x 6'). The unique code of this mattress is ABCDXXX and the price of the mattress is Rs. 31450.00.

    2. As a standard procedure, lets say that we are offering you a discount of Rs. 3000.00. This means your payble without exchange is Rs. 28450.00

    3. Now when you opt for Sleepwell Exchange Offer, >we SMS ABCDXXX to Sleepwell along with YOUR mobile number.

    4. Within a few seconds, You will receive an SMS from Sheela Foam (Sleepwell), informing you about your Cashback / Reward. Depending on the size you purchase, you stand to get upto Rs 5800

    5. So now, your bill will be generated with Amount Payble as Rs. 24450.00 (31450-5800 = 24450.00).
    Along with this, you stand a chance to win our BUMPER Cash Back prize which could be upto 100%

    6. Our carrier will bring the mattress to your home and take away the old mattress.

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