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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Mattress Brand is best in India? Confused between Sleepwell, SpringWell, Coirfit and Kurlon.
It really depends upon your specific requirement. Each of these companies is good but the specialize in a particular genre. For example, Sleepwell brand, owned by Sheela Foam Ltd. is basically into the production of different types of foams. They are the largest manufacturers of foam and are even listed on National Stock Exchange. Kurlon on the other hand specializes in coir based products. So if your requirement is for a Foam based mattress, go for Sleepwell.

Which type of mattress is best to buy? Which brand should I go for in India?
The best type of mattress is the one that is suitable to user. So your choice should be based upon the person who is going to use the mattress.
As an example, if you are buying mattress for your kids, you might be interested in spring based mattresses as they are comfortable but slightly bouncy. The bounce factor may not be great for adults in India, who are used to sleeping on comparatively hard surfaces. Brands : Sleepwell / Springwel.
For older people, a combination of different foams, ie Bonded, HR, Memory would be the best as they provide support and comfort both. Brands : Sleepwell
Coir mattresses have lost the edge as coir is prone to sagging. Moreover, being organic, dust mites and other micro-organizms thrive in it. Brands : Kurlon / Corfom

Which mattress should we buy, Kurlon's Mermaid, or Sleepwell's Spinetech Air Luxury?
Both these mattresses are good but Sleepwell Spinetech Air Luxury has couple of advantages.
1. It has optimum memory foam inside. 1 inch pasted and 20mm Quilted.
2. The overall thickness of the standard model is 7 inches which is more than its counterpart. But if the above two reasons are not compelling enough, consider the fact that Sleepwell has a huge advantage in foam based mattresses over all its rivals. Sleepwell brand is owned by India's largest foam manufacturer, Sheela Foam Ltd. Their R&D in foam is unmatched.

What is a good quality value mattress to buy in India?
When we say value, we mean good in comfort and health along with longevity and economical cost. Only genre that clears all these four features is Foam. Since foam is of many types, different layers of foam can create a mattress that is good for your spine, is very lang lasting and very comfortable. Economy is a factor of type of foam inside and I believe you should not bother over it too much as a typical foam mattress can last you 10 years. So even if it costs 35K, a per day cost of less than Rs. 10 for your comfort does'nt sound too much.

Which is the best mattress for back pain, Kurlon or Sleepwell?
Both Sleepwell and Kurlon make excellent ortho mattresses what is important is that you are able to choose the right mattress for yourself. Let me explain with an example. Sleepwell has 4 mattresses in their back support category namely, Durafirm, Spinetech, Spinetech Air and Spinetech Air Luxury. Two of these, Spinetech and Spinetech Air Luxury are relatively softer than the other two. So it will be very important for you to check out these mattresses by laying down on them for a while in all your sleeping postures. All these mattresses are great but which one will suit you the best will only be known after testing them for a while.

What is better, a foam mattress or a spring mattress?
Foam Mattresses tend to last longer and are able to provide better back support (if the layer structure is correct). Spring Mattresses are generally a luxury kind of thing with some bounce. They do not provide great back support and you tend to slouch. In course of time, coils tend to lose the strength and they become softer. If you are looking for short term comfort, Spring mattresses are good otherwise go for Foam based.

spinetech luxury


Orthopedic mattress with Bonded Foam Layer, HR Foam Layer and Memory Foam.

Type : Foam Based, Pillow Top

Thickness : 7 inch

Price : Starts at Rs. 45387.00 for a standard Double Bed size (6'x6')

Warranty : 5 Years (Pro Rata basis)



Ortho mattress with Bonded Foam Layer, HR Foam Layer and Memory Foam.

Type : Foam Based

Thickness : 6 inch,8 inch and 10 inch

Price : Starts at Rs. 32687.00 for a standard Double Bed size (6'x6')

Warranty : 5 Years (Pro Rata basis)



Popular mattress with 100% Bonded Foam slab inside.

Type : Foam Based

Thickness : 5 inch,6 inch and 8 inch

Price : Starts at Rs. 22472.00 for a standard Double Bed size (6'x6')

Warranty : 5 Years (Pro Rata basis)



Bonded + Memory + Air Circulation Foam

Type : Foam Based

Thickness : 6 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch

Price : Starts at Rs. 32042.00 for a standard Double Bed size (6'x6')

Warranty : 5 Years (Pro Rata basis)

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