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About Us :

We were born in March 2002. That makes us more than 15 years old now. Fifteen long years in mattress business. Sounds reasonable, doesn't it? But trust me, even a lifetime is less when it comes to learning and exploring new things in any field. Be it archaeological discoveries, mathematical research or the more humble mattress designing.It were the efforts and a propensity to learning that enabled us to provide our customers, not only the best mattress brands like Kurlon and Sleepwell, but help them choose the most suitable among them.

In the course of last fifteen years, we have learnt a lot. Rather, people, our clients, taught us a lot. From them we got to know that super soft mattresses make you wake up tired which led to our understanding that our spine needs firm support. It were they who informed us that regular foam or sponge could be uncomfortably warm in summer; that it takes time to get used to drastic changes in lifestyle like shifting from cotton mattress to a spring mattress. Every new person who comes to us looking for a bedding, teaches us something that actually becomes important knowledge for subsequent clients.

That exactly is our motto.
A conscious effort in acquiring Knowledge, Information and learning, in order to help people choose the most suitable product.

Please do visit us if you can. We are the oldest mattress shop in gurgaon's DLF area. We have another branch near Nirvana country close to sohna road.
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